MyAssignmentServices/MyAssignmentHelp – Reality Assignment

Making choices is always tough when you have to choose between two similar things with the majority of identical features. Similar is the case with students who struggle to pick up the most compatible assignment writer for themselves. They must get into minute details to understand what they should choose over the other. Also, there is a risk involved with taking help from an online assignment help provider. Nobody is aware of them or knows them at a personal level. It is like playing tombola and expecting to get the desired outcome. If you sail in the same boat as other students, let’s simplify things. Various online websites provide the best assignment help to college or university students. However, how do you judge their credibility and efficacy?

Merely going through the website of many agencies and choosing one from them just because one has loaded their website with the best content isn’t the right approach. To be honest, every porter praises their pot. Who knows, you may accidentally choose a figure among ciphers! Hence, to help you get the best return for your investment on your assignment, we are here with a short comparison between two popular websites that claim to deliver high-quality assignment help to students. Are you ready to find the best assignment helper? Let’s get started!

MyAssignmentServices VS MyAssignmentHelp


My Assignment Services-

The first thing students notice about any assignment writer is their credibility. My assignment services have been ranked and rated among the top assignment writing agencies. There are many positive reviews stating the on-time delivery of assignments at the most reasonable prices.

Also, My Assignment Services has been operating for a decade and has gained the trust of many students who are also revisitors and service takers. With over 5000+ P.HD. experts, they have been delivering the best work to students helping them meet their career objectives.

My Assignment help

Compared to My Assignment Services, My assignment help lags in credibility. Many genuine sites have received bad reviews regarding their quality and customer service. Here is a review from a customer who has faced many issues by hiring the writers of My Assignment Help.

“I’ve got several problems with this communication. Requiring a customer to wait for 4 minutes to receive a response is completely unacceptable. Why should I have to wait for an unrelated answer from you? Secondly, it felt like I was speaking with either a robot or someone who did not know the language very well. Because the agent did not even bother introducing herself and at least try to be somewhat friendly and helpful”.

Service quality

My Assignment Services

There is no comparison of the service quality of My Assignment Help with any other assignment writing agency. There provide unmatched assignment assistance from seasoned experts across the globe.

They provide hand-held learning support and free study materials and get students’ assignments done by certified experts.

They ensure 98% academic excellence through their services and have over 5000+ subject matter experts who help students craft and deliver their assignments on time.

The academic writers’ experience and expertise are enough to explain why My Assignment Services ranks among the top in terms of service quality and client satisfaction.

My Assignment help

In contrast to My Assignment Services’ service quality, My Assignment Help’s service quality is lower. Various reviews state the high price in return for low service quality. When you compare reviews of MyAssignmentHelp on independent platforms, you will realize the discrepancy in ratings and reviews.

Their average site rating is 4.9/5, with 98% client satisfaction. However, when you visit sites like SiteJabber, the rating decreases to 3.51/5, which doesn’t assure high service quality.

Also, MyAssignmentHelp has removed its account from Trustpilot. However, the Internet remembers everything, and according to some print screens, on Trustpilot, MyAssignmentHelp has received poor evaluation and an average rating of 2/ 5. This leaves a question mark on their authenticity and service quality.

Customer services

My Assignment Services

The clients at My Assignment Services never go unsatisfied after reaching out to their customer services.

They have an active and responsive team available 24X7 to help students resolve their problems. They don’t keep their clients waiting and respond quickly whenever a student needs them.

A responsive customer service team ensures good quality and is a criterion for choosing a reliable service provider. Customer service serves as the first face of any agency.

My Assignment help

The customer service of this website isn’t up to the mark. Students often have to wait for long hours to get answers to their queries.

Besides, many complaints state how people feel like chatting with a robot rather than real people when they approach to contact the consumer agency of My Assignment help.

Students have many queries and doubts when they hire someone to complete their assignments. When they experience unresponsive behavior from such agencies, they lose their confidence and panic about whether they will get their assignments done on time or not.

This is one of the biggest drawbacks of My Assignment help. You need to be careful before hiring them and check out their customer services before making the final decision.


My Assignment Services

The price for Assignment writing services at My Assignment Services is lesser than at My Assignment help. They don’t charge any extra value and have the most affordable prices under every student’s budget. You can check the price on their website and compare the pricing policy with other assignment help websites.

My Assignment help

They are unreasonably priced for poor service quality. Many customer reviews claim the unfair price of My Assignment Help. Also, there are claims from the customers that they don’t even give a refund if the customer isn’t satisfied with their services.

Some online reviews also tell people to avoid these services as plenty of companies can do your assignments twice as cheaply and much better than them.

Online Reputation

My Assignment Services

My Assignment Services’ online reputation is quite high compared to My Assignment help. They hold a rating of 4.5/5 on various independent review platforms like, Trustpilot and Google.

A maximum of their customer share their success story after getting help from their website. They don’t just provide assignment assistance to students but also help them get various value-added services.

Also, My Assignment Services isn’t just an assignment outsourcing agency. It is a platform for learning and enhancing knowledge in various fields and topics. All these factors lead them to gain a good online reputation.

My Assignment help

When you explore multiple posts about My Assignment Help on third-party sites, you will get to know the real fact about this website.

Through our analysis and evaluation, we can say that The company’s rating on is 3.8 out of 5, which is not very high in comparison to the site rating of My assignment Services.

They hold a low online reputation having lots of bad reviews and customer complaints.


Hence, these are some of the points that differentiate between the assignment writing agencies. You can examine each point carefully and decide who to choose to get help with your assignment.

My Assignment Services has proven to be one of the best assignment writing agencies, providing on-time delivery and high-quality services to every student.

Besides, they have the best privacy policy and experienced academic experts who ensure to add the most relevant information to your academic paper. They also have a huge online library to help you with research and getting information.

However, you must also go through their website to ensure you will get all your requirements met. The ultimate goal of students for outsourcing assignments is to score HD grades. If an agency guarantees an A+ with proof, nothing can be better than them.

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