Why May Surfboard Wall Decor Not Work In High-Ceilinged Rooms?

Are you considering surfboard wall decor for your high-ceilinged room? Well, hold up, buddy! Before you grab your credit card and purchase, let’s discuss why that might not be the best idea. While it might seem like a perfect idea at first, there are some reasons why you might want to think twice before hanging up those boards. Here are a few reasons why surfboard wall decor might not be the best choice for your space:

First off, surfboard wall decor can be pretty darn cool. Who doesn’t love the beachy, laid-back vibe that comes with a surfboard on the wall? But when it comes to high-ceilinged rooms. High ceilings can make a room feel open and airy, but they can also make it challenging to fill the vertical space.

Adding a surfboard to the wall might seem like a good idea, but the reality is different.

There is a common thought that high-ceilinged rooms can be decorated using surfboards as a focal point. While surfboards can be a great decorative item for a beach-themed room or a space with a surfing vibe, they may not be the best option for high-ceilinged rooms. Here are a few reasons why:

1.    The Proportion Problem:

One primary reason you should think twice about surfboard wall decor in a high-ceilinged room is proportion. A surfboard, even a big one, can look pretty puny when hanging on a wall towering above it. It’s like putting a tiny plant in a giant pot – it looks sad and out of place. Surfboards come in different sizes, but even the largest ones may not be enough to fill a large, high-ceilinged room. Placing a small surfboard in a large room can make it look insignificant and out of place.

2.    The improper display can make it look visually cluttered:

Another issue with incorporating surfboards into the decor in a high-ceilinged room is the potential for visual clutter. When you’ve got a lot of vertical space, filling it with all sorts of decorative elements can be tempting. But if you’re not careful, you can end up with a wall that’s a mishmash of unrelated items, which can feel overwhelming and chaotic.

3.    An excellent but impractical addition to your home:

And let’s not forget about practicality; a surfboard on the wall might look cool, but what will you do with it when you’re not admiring its beauty? Unless you’re an avid surfer, it’s not like you will be using it as your primary mode of transportation. So now you’ve got this big, unwieldy object taking up precious space in your home.

4.    Maintaining balance in beach-themed decor:

High-ceilinged rooms can offer many creative opportunities, but using a surfboard as the focal point may clash with the room’s overall style. Considering the existing decor and how the surfboard fits into it is essential. A surfboard is a no-brainer if you’re going for a beachy vibe. However, adding too many beach-themed items can quickly overwhelm a room. Instead, consider adding subtle nods to the beach, like seashell decor or ocean-inspired artwork.

5.    The maintenance factor:

While surfboard wall decor might seem like a fun addition to your space, it’s essential to consider the maintenance that comes with it. Surfboards are typically made of wood or foam, which can be prone to damage from moisture, dust, and other environmental factors. It is not worth the hassle if you’re not prepared to regularly clean and maintain your surfboard wall decor.

6.    Safety First:

Finally, it’s essential to consider the safety of your wall decor. Hanging a heavy surfboard on the wall can be risky, especially if you’re not experienced with hanging items of that size and weight. Hanging a surfboard from a high ceiling requires proper support and installation. It is essential to ensure that the surfboard is mounted securely to avoid the risk of it falling and causing injury or damage.

While surfboards can be a fun and unique decorative item, they may not be the best option for high-ceilinged rooms. Considering the room’s size, safety concerns, and overall style is essential before incorporating surfboards into the decor.

What’s the alternative?

If you’re looking to add some visual interest to your high-ceilinged room, there are plenty of other options out there. Consider a large piece of art, a statement light fixture, or even a bold wallpaper. These elements can add personality and style to your space without taking up valuable real estate, but! If you are obsessed with a surfboard, several alternatives exist to surfboard wall decor in a high-ceilinged room. Here are a few ideas:

1.    Use the surfboard as a functional piece of furniture:

You could repurpose the surfboard into a coffee table, a bench, or even a headboard for your bed.

2.    Display the surfboard in a more appropriate location:

If you still want to showcase your surfboard, consider displaying it in a more suitable area, such as a dedicated surfboard rack or stand.

3.    Incorporate surfboard-inspired decor:

Instead of using a surfboard, you could incorporate surfboard-inspired decor items such as surfboard-shaped shelves, lamps, or even throw pillows.

4.    Opt for more proportional wall decor:

If you’re set on wall decor, consider choosing something more proportionate to your high-ceilinged room. For example, you could opt for a large-scale piece of art or a gallery wall of appropriately sized pieces.


While surfboard wall decor can be fun and funky, it is not the best choice for a high-ceilinged room. There are many reasons to explore other decorative options, from proportion issues to potential clutter to practicality concerns. So, before you break out the hammer and nails, take a step back and consider all your options. Your walls – and your surfboard – will thank you.

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